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Your property was freely available and that is why it was published wincows our website. Notify me of replies from other users. We want to make great games, not great games mixed with bad TV shows! Yet here we are, the generals free for windows 10 has launched,I have followed all of the progress. If you also use GenTool: rename the downloaded d3d8. Windows ai games command conquer games command conquer games for windows mod for windows


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Your vote:. You can also add comment via Facebook. Neo Thank you so much, been looking for this, running smoothly on Windows Reply — 3 months ago — Was it helpful? Htet Aung Hlaing I’m so thankfully to you. Reply — 4 months ago — Was it helpful? Romeo Tuesday Working full in , appreciate your work, this is my favorite game! Reply — 8 months ago — Was it helpful? Reply — 3 years ago — Was it helpful? Reply — 5 years ago — Was it helpful? Enabling Borderless Fullscreen using the following instructions will make the game more stable.

Note: Playing in borderless fullscreen will disable cursor edge-scrolling. Just make sure you launch the game from the Windowed shortcut on your desktop. This is bundled with GenPatcher , which has been covered earlier in this guide. Note: If you have trouble connecting to other players online, launch GenPatcher and go to the Playing Online tab. Now activate Network optimizations to help connect with other players.

There is a chance GenPatcher gets flagged by your anti-virus as either a trojan or a virus. This is a false positive. GenPatcher is completely safe to use. The reason anti-virus software may flag it is because GenPatcher applies fixes to your game’s Windows registry entries, as well as moving and deleting files that could cause game instability.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, the anti-virus software will block GenPatcher and prevent it from running. That’s why it’s recommended to switch off your anti-virus before downloading GenPatcher to ensure you won’t run into any problems. Don’t download it , it’s not working i tried 2 time its not working 2nd time i downloaded 1. I’m so thankfully to you.

Htet Aung Hlaing, how its working man i tried 2 times still its not working. Working full in , appreciate your work, this is my favorite game!

It’s not working, I’m always getting an error on the setup. Key Features Delightfully difficult combat. Strategic opportunities. Wonderful flow of gameplay. Unique game mechanics.

Version: 1. The Chinese opt for rubber bullets and take their prisoners of war back to their propaganda centre where they are brainwashed until they turn into Chinese units. Even the buildings have unique attributes. For example, the Americans fill theirs up with rangers that spill out of them when the building is destroyed, and the Chinese have mines all around their base building, so approaching them is potentially lethal. But perhaps the most interesting, is the sub-basements of the GLA, which allow a building to rebuild itself from the basement up if only the main part of it is destroyed.

This is something that will undoubtedly come in handy during some of the more powerful strike attacks. Every side has a choice of three Generals at the start of each mission, each of which gives their side various benefits, upgrades and unique units, rather like the sub-races you could ally with in Emperor: Battle For Dune.

And like a king, when their command centre is destroyed, they are very weak, with only a pistol to defend them. The top brass in the GLA train up their units to veteran level much quicker and turn them into superior guerilla fighters. They can also be a dab hand at biological warfare too. They also have a Warlord General who gives the Chinese tanks a horde bonus, making them an incredibly powerful siege force when kept together. A little been there, done that,” explains Browder.

We want to make great games, not great games mixed with bad TV shows! Another familiar part of the Westwood games, that of resource management, has also been revamped for Generals.

The USA use helicopters to pick up resources from supply piles and return them to their base, whereas the GLA use people to do the same thing. The Chinese concentrate on hacking the Net for resources. China is a technological superpower that uses propaganda and the Internet to fuel its war effort, and the primary reason every one is going to war at all is the nefarious GLA, a terrorist group who are developing weapons of mass destruction. Starting to sound familiar? However, this doesn’t mean it’s just a brushed up version of Red Alert 2 with a few new units chucked in, there’s far more happening beneath the surface than that.

However, this seems like gimmickry when compared to the tiny details you keep noticing out of the corner of your eye, which really add depth to the game. In fact, in many ways Generals is a more accurate portrayal of war than many official news reports. By now little things like this seem so fundamental to strategy games that you have to wonder why Westwood clung to their antiquated system for so long.

The traditional upgrading mode has been enhanced on several different levels. There are upgrades for some of the buildings and numerous upgrades for the units that endow them with extra weapons, speed and gain attack bonuses.

Alongside that, as a player you gain promotions based on your performance during the game, which in turn allows you to access new technology. Resource gathering has been refined as well, so you’re no longer worrying so much about little piles of tiberian or gold. Controlling stockpiles and the various civilian buildings like hospitals and oil derricks is still an important part of gameplay, but each side has been given imaginative means of creating resources from inside their own base.

The Chinese use hacker units to steal money off the Internet while their supply trucks gather the meatier resources. Command and Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath 4. Defense Zone 3 varies-with-device 5.

A tower defense game featuring classic s warfare Defense Zone 3 is a tower defense game, but the game style and warfare units are almost identical to the sort of thing you would see in late 90s games in an Windows 90s games 90s games for windows command and conquer late games. Create your own battle maps for Tiberium Wars Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars is a nice, free game only available for Windows, belonging to the category PC games with subcategory Various Utilities Apocalypse Mod 5.




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