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Ultimaker 3 feeder issues free

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By whoneycApril 14, in Improve your 3D prints. No harm in a little shameless promotion. The parts sent from fbrc8 were paid for by the NA support folks. I haven’t heard back from them, but I’m guessing they aren’t too into doing a full upgrade.

I’m ultimaker 3 feeder issues free a little curious about the Bondtech feeders you have as a side note. I see a ultimaker 3 feeder issues free перейти на страницу gear, and that is the only real difference. Is the rest of the kit really necessary if I can’t print my own custom lever?

Do the 1. For support, we send out whatever parts are needed under the warranty so ultimaker 3 feeder issues free OEM parts, no bondtech. It looks like my technichian responded on your support thread after this last post and has some other things to try with you that he wanted to check out. May 20, Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Ultimaker 3 feeder issues free I don’t answer you feel free to post simply a ” gr5″ once per day until I notice.

June 6, It’s a spot where wear and tear can occur on the lever if the filament isn’t quite sitting straight on the bearing; it’s not super common but we’ve seen a few cases. I just put the label on the box ac.

April 15, I ultimaker 3 feeder issues free the WedgeBot an indispensable tool when working with feeder problems. My sarcasm doesn’t always come across in text. Thanks for saying that S responded with some ultimaker 3 feeder issues free to try. His email got bumped into spam, so I might not have noticed it. I don’t recommend a 1. You can I believe buy ultimaker 3 feeder issues free the bondtech gears with the splined feeder part and design your own feeder around that.

The UM3 feeder works quite well though in my experience. The plan now is to shred it all and make thicker filament on the Filastruder. I will be sure to post information for you here as well as on the Filastruder forums. I have probably 8kg of unusable filament now, be it 1. I also have 5 kg of virgin PLA to mix in. I know that PLA isn’t friendly for heat recycling, so I had a crazy idea. I bought some methylene chloride and http://replace.me/24985.txt dye.

The proposed primary degradation pathway for PLA during repeated extrusions is free radical damage. One method to stabilize these radicals is to add a quinone-based additive, ultimaker 3 feeder issues free preferentially absorbs the free radicals before they can cause damage to the polymer. My plan is to make some masterbatch from the virgin PLA with a crazy high loading of alizarin, which is a quinone also cheap and accessible to the public. My hypothesis is that I will end up with way more orange-red polymer than I know what to do with, but the material will be stable enough for recycling.

If that works, I will publish it on this forum, the Filastruder forum, and an appropriate academic journal. Curious to know how your printer is working, and if you have any updates on your recycling project. I had the same issue, windows server iso free noticed the same wear marks on the tension lever, and also the top of the feeder housing before the filament ultimaker 3 feeder issues free into the bowden tube.

I finally contacted the NA ultimaker 3 feeder issues free, fortunately the printer was under warranty, and replaced the feeder. No problems now! Thanks to the folks at the NA customer support for helping me get my printer running super quickly. I have not forgotten about this thread, подробнее на этой странице I had no ultimaker 3 feeder issues free of leaving without reporting a final solution. However, it started acting up again with the same underextrusion patterns on my latest print.

Sadly, this error came up on the same week as my back went out and I was driving my cat around to different emergency vets, so it got pushed to the back-burner. I have not taken apart the extruder yet to check for damage to the lever, but I will do that as soon as possible.

As promised,here is an update. I’m tagging the folks that have been helpful and seem to be running some support ultimaker 3 feeder issues free gr5 fbrc8-erin kmanstudios.

I ran this off and on for about two weeks without issue. I produced 3 moderately sized statues during this time using PLA and Breakaway filament in the extruders. I did this for more than just a desire to collect a pantheon of archaic gods, but because these were designs with complex surfaces and required a lot of material switching aka lots of retractions.

These were all successful. I had one hiccup with a failed print that made my heart skip, but that was just a simple filament tangle. No big deal. I was telling any friends and family that feigned concern for my printer woes that the issue was fixed. And so I believed it was, until recently. I printed a very simple design with few, if any retractions, for my ultimaker 3 feeder issues free build.

This print failed with the mesh-like underextrusion I have grown to loathe with a passion. So there is a still a problem. Naturally, since the lever was recently replaced, I looked to it first as the source of problems.

And as I suspected, the lever did have a problem. The two halves of the lever which are held in place by a friction lock ultimaker 3 feeder issues free designed by the manufacturer, had partially separated. You can see in the image that the axis holding the bearing in place has separated, making it such that the bearing is not aligned.

I corrected this issue by pressing the halves back together, but something about the tactile feedback in my fingers after I had pressed it together suggested that it is not permanently affixed. Ultimaker 3 feeder issues free believe it will адрес again.

I doubt this was a spontaneous split. I believe that the torsion of the filament in the feeder is applying a force to the bearing or plastic slot such that the part splits. I will be continuing to print to see if this continues to occur.

Until ultimaker 3 feeder issues free information is brought to our attention on this, let’s do a little speculation. What is causing this to occur? Is there something wrong with the alignment in ultimaker 3 feeder issues free machine which could cause this? Is there a fundamental issue with the design?

We know that I am ultimaker 3 feeder issues free the only one to have lever problems, as the Ultimaker Support guys shared a picture which had the grooved lever like mine was. Are there more users such as dmboston who are having the same failed part? What can we do to remedy this as users? Do we need to switch over to a different material in the lever construction to solve this? I mean, a lever machined from Al sounds awesome, albeit expensive.

I should note that I have made the following modifications to my printer since the last time I posted here:. So, out of curiosity, how do you load your filament? Do you pull up on the lever and pass material in, then use the motor power to get it to the head? Or do you use the motor power to feed it in from the start using the “load” option in material settings? I приведенная ссылка, an Al lever seems like ultimaker 3 feeder issues free might be better, but I’d go with die-cast, much cheaper?

I have used both the auto load and cold load where I lift the lever and insert to the end before using the “move” function to put the filament in the correct spot. The cold load happens most often as a matter of convenience when the damaged filament can be pulled out from the Bowden tube, snipped, then reinserted easily. Which extruder are you having trouble with? If it is the left side, the filament spool is not perfectly in line with the extruder. It might be an issue of the filament coming in at a weird angle.

There was a suggestion earlier извиняюсь, coreldraw graphics suite 2018 x10 free download моему this topic by gr5 that spools on the floor work best.

Perhaps this is another solution. Limited access can complicate things, especially when there is that one person in the lab that does things in an odd manner there is always that guy.

You are correct that I am the sole operator of this printer. Die cast might be an option if we have enough people that express desire. If this is a thing, I have experience running group buys for mechanical keyboards, ссылка на продолжение I would not be above setting one up if the community becomes interested.

The lever splitting like that definitely looks unusual; while I have seen the groove issue, I haven’t seen one split like this. The levers are press fit with specialized tools. It’s always possible the tolerances was off on one of the plastic pieces; respond back on your ticket on the support system and we’ll get another lever out on Monday. Thanks, but I’m honestly not that worried about the splitting. That can be easily remedied with glue and a clamp.

I’m more concerned about what causes the split. If it is a press-fit thing that can be fixed with glue, that is dandy. If the split occurred due to some mis-alignment, then there are bigger problems.



Ultimaker 3 feeder issues free

Apr 10,  · Ultimaker Original (+): Go to Control > Temperature > Nozzle, then set the temperature. Open the feeder and remove the filament manually The filament may not completely rewind, due to the ground part in the feeder. To resolve this issue, gently pull on the filament when removing it. Sep 09,  · Concerning the BB , I don’t think our natural PLA is wet because I don’t see any groves from the feeder at its outlet, neither any issue with the feeder (except the bowder loosening). Nevertheless, I just read about the cardbox procedure (with 50’C on the building plate) for hrs ; or the hrs in an industrial oven. For instance the Ultimaker 2 is an awesome 3D Printer but the feeder motor can sometimes be a bit tricky to deal with especially if you are switching between mm and 3mm filament. We printed out and tested this alternate feeder motor design found on Youmagine designer IRobertI. So far the results have been incredible.


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Sep 11,  · 6) feeder spring issues – too tight, too loose. You want the tension such that you can clearly see the diamond pattern biting into the filament. You want to see at least 2 columns of diamonds. 4 columns is too much. You usually want the tension in the center. Feb 15,  · It is recommended to clean the inside of the feeders after three months. In order to do this, the feeders have to be removed from the printer. The following steps need to be performed for both feeder 1 and feeder 2: Start by removing the material. Go to the configuration menu, select the material you want to remove and then Unload. After this, turn off the printer . For instance the Ultimaker 2 is an awesome 3D Printer but the feeder motor can sometimes be a bit tricky to deal with especially if you are switching between mm and 3mm filament. We printed out and tested this alternate feeder motor design found on Youmagine designer IRobertI. So far the results have been incredible.



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