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Windows 10 ultimate performance mode reddit free download

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I have an Asus UXUNR and am unable to get anything other than the balanced power option in my settings. You can, however, download and install free apps from the Microsoft Store. Change your app permissions. Windows apps have the potential to invade your privacy —. 49 votes, 45 comments. First of all, before you start reading check highlights to be safe. Tweak guide is mainly for Windows 10 users.

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The new Windows 10 April update has a lot of new features. Some of them include but are not limited to Timeline, improvements to Edge, user interface improvements, ability to add security questions to local accounts, HEIF image support, etc.

One of the new hidden features included in the April update is the ability to enable Ultimate Performance mode. Let me show you how to enable the Ultimate Performance Mode in Windows 10 with just a few clicks.

This mode allows you to get a bit more performance out of your Windows 10 machine when enabled. This performance improvement may not be significant, but you might see a few extra FPS frames per second in games. Keep in mind that enabling Ultimate Performance Mode might increase the overall power consumption and heat output. Due to the power consumption and heat output concerns, the Ultimate Performance mode might not be available for laptop users. You will see the Windows version in the second line.

The version should be or up. Once you are sure you are using Windows 10 with April update or higher, follow the steps given below to enable Ultimate Performance Mode. Enabling Ultimate Performace Mode is not that hard.

However, when you go to the Power Options window in Windows 10, you will not see the Ultimate Performance option. All you see is the regular High-Performance option. The Ultimate Performance option is hidden by default.

To see the Ulitmate Performance option, you have to execute a simple PowerShell command. After opening the PowerShell window, Paste the below command and press Enter. You will receive Ultimate Performace as the output. As I said before, this feature is mainly intended for high-end PCs. But, when needed, the Ultimate Performance mode can help you ring out that extra bit of juice from your system. I hope that helps. Comment below talking about the new ultimate performance mode on Windows 10 or if you face any problems while enabling it.

When it comes to setting power plans, PowerShell has no simple commands, at least to my knowledge. If you are still interested, take a look at this Microsoft Devsblog entry that goes into great detail on setting a power plan via PowerShell. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Type here..


Windows 10 ultimate performance mode reddit free download


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