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Since its first release, Windows 11 has received a steady stream of minor updates. Now, though, Microsoft has launched the first massive. February 24, by Anoop C Nair. Today, Microsoft released the official version of Windows 11 ISO for the first time in production. Microsoft recently announced that it’s planning to release new features for Windows 11 outside the scheduled fall update.❿

Windows 11 february 2022 iso.How To Get The Latest Version of Windows 11

To help you stay on track, focus integrates with the Clock app for other focus tools, such as a focus timer and calming music. Clock app integration requires an app update that is starting to become available today. This improvement is currently available in Microsoft Edge Canary builds. This issue might be encountered when attempting windows 11 february 2022 iso manual reset initiated within Windows or a remote reset.


February 8, 2022—KB5010386 (OS Build 22000.493) – Windows 11 february 2022 iso


This is an excellent convenience to have, as it grants you access to weather and other widgets more quickly. Finally, the quick mute in the taskbar feature for Microsoft Teams is available to all Windows 11 users. If you use Zoom or any other meeting software, this feature might make Microsoft Teams a more appealing choice. You can also share Windows in Microsoft Teams more quickly with the latest Windows 11 version.

Microsoft redesigned Notepad and Media Player for Windows The Media Player app has also received a significant tweak. If you use Groove Music as your go-to music player on Windows, your playlists and library will automatically migrate to the new Media Player app. This update is worthwhile between the support for Android apps, improvements to the taskbar, and tweaked apps.

Microsoft intends to release updates faster after this update instead of making fans wait a year for new features. We will leverage the variety of update mechanisms we have in place, including servicing and Microsoft Store updates. Our goal is to deliver continuous innovation, providing you with the best experiences year-round. We select and review products independently. When you purchase through our links we may earn a commission.

Learn more. Windows ». Microsoft is adding a taskbar feature to share content from open app windows directly from the taskbar on Windows This is in addition to a feature that lets you quickly mute and unmute active video calls from the taskbar.

In the coming weeks, Microsoft will also begin rolling out Android support and other improvements via experience packs. Windows Latest. Windows This feature was originally teased during the June event and it aims to eliminate the need to switch back and forth between video conferencing apps.

Windows 11 Build 21H2 Build will be finally getting support for the highly anticipated Android apps next month. Microsoft has been testing the feature since October and it is now progressing towards its first public rollout next month.

Additionally, you can also copy and paste clipboard data between Android and Windows apps. See your OneDrive storage in File Explorer Backing up your files and managing your cloud storage is important for the safety of your stuff. New Touch Gestures This build includes 5 new touch gestures to make it easier and quicker to navigate Windows 11 on a PC with touch: Swipe to invoke and dismiss Start: Swipe with your finger from the middle of the taskbar to invoke the Start menu and swipe back down to dismiss it.

Swipe with your finger from the middle of the taskbar to invoke the Start menu and swipe back down to dismiss it. Within Start, swipe right to left from Pinned to get to All apps and left to right to get back to Pinned. Swipe with your finger from the bottom right of the taskbar to invoke Quick Settings and swipe back down to dismiss it. In full screen touch-oriented apps and games e.

Just drag a window to the top of the screen to reveal the snap layouts, drop the window on top of a zone to snap it, and use snap assist to finish building your layout.

More sustainable power settings and recommendations The default values for Sleep and Screen off have been updated to reduce energy consumption, and carbon emissions, when PCs are idle. Power saving recommendations shown in Settings to help reduce carbon emissions to those with Sleep and Screen off set to Never.

More improvements to browsing the web in Microsoft Edge with Narrator Building off the collection of improvements for Narrator and Microsoft Edge from Build , we have been working on more improvements to web browsing with Microsoft Edge and Narrator. The updated design of Task Manager in dark theme. The new Suspended and Efficiency mode icons as they appear in Task Manager. To do this Command Install a language on the PC.

Install-Language Note: Please restart or log out and log back in for changes to take effect. Params: Language : The bcp47 tag of the language being installed. Uninstall-Language Params: Language: The bcp47 tag of the language being installed. Changes and Improvements [Taskbar] Drag and drop is now supported on the Windows 11 taskbar. Quickly drag and drop files between app windows, by hovering over apps in the taskbar to bring their windows to the foreground.

Try attaching a file to an Outlook e-mail by dragging it and hovering over the Outlook icon in the taskbar to bring the window to the foreground.

Once in the foreground, drop your file into the e-mail to attach it. For Insiders using Microsoft Teams for work and school that are using share any window from the taskbar, we have added a new visual indication to the taskbar that indicates which window is being shared. This is especially important when you have multiple applications running or where your attention is split across multiple monitors. When you choose to share a window in your Microsoft Teams call, the shared window will also now be surrounded by a colored border.

When using Share any window, we have added a new visual indication to the taskbar that indicates which window is being shared. On clean install, the Color profile button should not be pinned by default, but it might appear on upgrades. The new color profile quick setting. Clicking the icon will open the Cast Quick Settings where you can quickly stop casting if needed. And expect more improvements coming for this experience. The new Cast icon as it appears on the taskbar when casting to a display.

As discovered by Insiders with Build , we have updated the battery charging indicator to use a lightning bolt instead of a power cable. This addresses feedback that it was not possible to see lower charging levels at-a-glance because they were obscured by the cable. The updated battery charging indicator as shown on the taskbar.

Folders now show previews of the contents within them in File Explorer. When sharing a local file in File Explorer to Outlook — you can now compose an email message directly within the share window without having to go into Outlook directly.

You will need Outlook Desktop Integration installed via the Store and this capability is not available for files stored in OneDrive folders as OneDrive has its own share experience.

Also, the share window will now suggest contacts from Microsoft to share the file to via Outlook. Share a local file via Outlook in File Explorer a compose an email without leaving the share window. Try searching for your favorite app or a setting you use frequently to see faster results. We are updating the transition animation that shows going from one snapped window state to another. Snap some windows using the snap assist, move windows from one configuration to another and observe the fluidity of the transition with our new animations.

The updated transition animation that shows going from one snapped window state to another. Rotating your device between portrait and landscape orientation is snappier, more responsive. We have made rotating your device between portrait and landscape more responsive. We have reduced the number of notification sounds that play when you connect and disconnect docks and monitors.

It is now easier to move your cursor and windows between monitors, by letting your cursor jump over areas where it would previously get stuck. We introduced new natural voices for Narrator in Build Narrator now provides a new male natural voice called Guy to download. We added a new setting to filter profanity.

We improved feedback messages for unsupported languages. We also improved feedback messages for using voice access when you have multiple displays setup. When you move the cursor, the system will now boost to Hz, making your PC feel more responsive.

This build introduces a feature called Optimizations for windowed games and is designed to significantly improve latency and unlock other exciting gaming features including Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate VRR. Latency improvements can benefit all gamers — from improving your input lag to creating a competitive edge in your gaming experience.




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