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Shirwadkar fondly known as Kusumagraj who has contributed immensely to Marathi literature. Principal Mrs George addressed and greeted everyone in Marathi. Students were exposed to the common strategies used by online predators to lure people into their trap and were given interesting ways of escaping such a trap.

Name of Event: Open House Date: The students were provided a safe space to ask questions with clinical answers given by a professional. Deshpande shared personal experiences and highlighted the relevance of the Scottish motto, Perseverentia et fide in Deo Perseverance and faith in God , in modern times. Over the weekend, Scottish enthusiasts flocked to school for selfies at the especially designed photo booth.

The event was one of a kind and thoroughly enjoyed by one and all! In order to celebrate this grand day, a fun filled day was organized for our students at Bombay Scottish School.

Various aspects of school history and culture were highlighted. They relished a party snack. The activities that were organised brought in an element of collaboration and fun. Name of Event: Study in Finland Date: Thinking in an Interdisciplinary fashion by Prof.

Date: Description: An online interaction regarding the commencement of offline school was arranged for the parents of KG to Grade 6. The Principal addressed the parents regarding the safety measures and the necessary arrangements made by the school. All their queries, doubts and fears were attended patiently by the Principal. Name of Event: Republic Day Date: The Jr KG children were delighted to greet their classmates in their mother tongue. The Sr KG children were extremely excited to make tri coloured cracker pizzas, which they happily shared with their family.

The importance of sleep, nutrition and diet; and practical tips to reduce anxiety. Students were taken through an art activity where they were required to pay attention to their feelings, give it a form and express them through reflective writing. They examined the characteristics of great leaders and the circumstances that led to their rise.

They covered both the systems and gave an insight about some leading universities in India. Inspirational biographies of Mr. Narendra Modi and Sudha Chandran kept the audience engaged.

During the session the students made Kindness Cards and were asked to pass them on. The session was made interactive by playing a game on different acts of kindness. The students took up the challenge to help us discover our ikigai, our life purpose or our bliss. This is what brings you joy and inspires you to get out of bed every day.

Topic: Honesty Date: With famous personalities like Mr. Anil Kapoor and Mr. It was a day full of fun and laughter. Date : But most importantly they discussed its relevance in a world where everyone with a smartphone is a news reporter. Through examples and role play they induced subtle humour in this serious and thought provoking exercise.

Topic: Wealth out of Waste Date : If all of us followed this principle in our daily lives we can reduce the waste that pollutes our land and waters; and positively impact the environment.

Topic: Desecrators of Daykindi Date : Through the history of the Taliban and its ideology, they drew attention to the present bleak situation of the country. Topic: Nurture Nature Date : They were reacquainted with the three Rs : reuse, reduce, recycle as well as how to conserve the resources around them. Name of Event : Diwali Celebration Date : It was also the last day of the Term.

Mr Parekh shared some valuable Life Lessons from his School days with the students: If each day you strive to be excellent, then your life will be a pursuit of happiness. Try to be sensitive and caring towards people especially towards the environment In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Use technology wisely Importance of reading books, playing a sport or being in touch with nature. Encourage Critical Thinking, invest in ideas after considering their social consequences Draw from the collective teachings and wisdom of your parents, teachers, and mentors Never compromise on ethics, there are substitutes for success.

This was followed by the release of the e-Tartan. All on campus followed the governmental SOP and blended learning was implemented. Topic : Cryptocurrency Date : A website was created to disseminate information on the same.

Topic : Vacations Date : They also highlighted the importance of promoting tourism in our country by visiting incredible locations in India. A beautiful video on the cards made by students of all grades was presented. An exciting session of games conducted by the student Council was thoroughly enjoyed by the teachers.

After this, the PTA hosted a virtual party for the teachers. The host for the day kept teachers engaged with different enjoyable activities. This was followed by the Staff party hosted by teachers teaching Grades 3 to 5. The legal aspects of cyberbullying were also highlighted. Students brought to the screen objects told to them. After a quick demo on how to use the props creatively and weave a story, students joined breakout rooms to ideate their creative pieces.

After a truly enriching brainstorming session, each group presented their Prop-A-Skit using the props procured during the online scavenger hunt. Students participated enthusiastically and exhibited a varied range of paintings using their skills, creativity and imagination while creating their unique work of art. They displayed the festivals, traditional cuisine, details of costumes and traditional performances. Students followed the step by step procedure shared to develop the app by first creating the designer page to put the coding blocks together to build the app.

They were given the assignment to use similar coding blocks to make a new app that would perform the addition and subtraction operations on the app. An announcement of the installation of the newly elected club president, Angelina George was made.

The office bearers for the year were announced. They were guided stepwise on how to create an account. They learnt how to make an ebook using different features like inserting an image, recording their voices, inserting a link or a video and texts. They also explored various editing options and how to insert more pages.

They were instructed to ensure that the images they paste were copyright free. They were also trained on how the link of the book could be shared keeping in mind the privacy permissions. Students uploaded the links of the e-books created by them to the Google Form shared. Grades: 6 to 8 Over 90 students participated in this workshop that was organised in collaboration with Harper Collins that covered the following: The history of writing and its evolution over the centuries, the wide plethora of types of blogging, the writing process that comprised steps like Prewriting-Drafting-Revising-Redrafting, Editing and Proofreading, the difference between Revising, Editing and Proofreading, the importance of identifying the target audience and adapting the tone, mood and style accordingly, the aesthetics of a blog page, using royalty-free images, giving credit, adding the necessary links, A list of content writing tools to use for increased efficiency was shared, Maintaining Netiquette, Reader Engagement, Dos and Don’ts of blogging.

They took the initiative to help underprivileged children learn from home. This was carried out on the Fueladream. The funds raised through the campaign have helped 40 children by providing them with digital devices. Each child who contributed to the campaign received an e-certificate in appreciation of their effort to make a difference in society.

Grade: 10 Date: This was done on Fueladream. Around 22 students participated in this campaign and raised an amount of Rs. Grade: 9 Date: 6. This campaign was carried out on Fueladream. Around 12 students participated in this campaign and raised an amount of Rs.

Students of Grade 1 to 10 conducted their assembly in Hindi. The preamble was also recited in Hindi. They learnt about the importance of Hindi Diwas through multimedia presentations. The assemblies through the rest of the week were also conducted in Hindi on themes like literacy, democracy and peace.

Topic: World Water Week Date With the help of videos and Quizizz, topics like Saving our oceans, Green revolution in Rajasthan were covered by students of Grade 6. Topics like how to save water, how to calculate water footprint were covered through videos, Padlet and quizzes by students of Grade 7. Students of Grade 8 presented topics like virtual water, facts on water, valuing water using videos and Mentimeter activities.

The depletion of water and the need to use it judiciously was highlighted. Students prepared posters to show the Importance of water. Different quotes based on the importance of water were shared along with the history that traced back to the first celebration of World Water Week.



Adobe after effects cs6 classroom in a book lesson files free free


This guide contains 14 lessons adobe after effects cs6 classroom in a book lesson files free free teach motion-graphics professionals, visual effects artists, web designers, and film and video professionals the basic and advanced features of Adobe After Effects CS6 for use in compositing, animation, and effects for film, video, DVD, and web content. Presented in a progressive order and a design-oriented rather than feature-oriented sequence, each lesson has step-by-step instructions for completing a specific project.

They cover installation and getting started, understanding the workflow, creating a basic animation using effects and presets, animating text, working with shape layers, animating a multimedia presentation, animating layers, working with masks, distorting objects with the puppet tools, performing color correction, building 3D aa, using 3D features, working with the 3D camera tracker, advanced editing techniques, and rendering and outputting.

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