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Ender 3 feeder free download

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When I received it though, it was just a standard downloadd Creality aluminum extruder, pneumatic fitting and all — which is perfectly fine. This simple screen cover protects your Ender 3 display’s PCB printed circuit board from damage. Lot’s of help on the web made setup and tuning easier. Best deal on the market.


Ender 3 feeder free download. Titan feeder mount for Ender 3


Post Processing: Once you are done printing, clean both the base and arm. Print at highest resolution as possible. Base: Make sure all holes are clean and free from supports; drill if needed.

Cut a piece of PTFE tube included with printer to about 10mm. Cut a V shape. This should fit perfectly between the feeder gear and the bearing; there should be no friction. It’s a very inexpensive 3d printer but it has such good quality that it blows me away. It has a little bit of a learning curve but once you figure it out the prints are amazing. This is a definite must have for every household. Absolutely the best purchase of my life. Being able to create whatever you wanted is an incredibly freeing experience.

The printer does have a learning curve but once you figure it out it has professional quality and easy printing. Definitely a must have for any household. Great 3D printer, affordable so you can add all of your custom mods! I got three of them from creality3d. Total we do about 1, hours of total combined print time in a short span. We have 7 Ender 3s, 3 Prusas and 1 Flashforge.

They are all good machines. The Ender 3s for the money though are what get us through the project every year. I have had them a few years now and they basically never get turned off. I have not had any failures. Works very well and when I would have a issue i reach out to customer service and if i need a part if gets sent.

Love the printer. Fred is my first 3d printer and I was able to get it going within a day of use. Yes I named the printer. Its a great printer. You just have to get settings down for each filament, everything leveled and wow just awesome! I fully recommend! My first 3d printer and I love it! I love building and constructing prototypes and other projects with it. Easy to operate and once you understand how it works, you can really get technical with the settings.

Thank you creality for making such a great and easy to use printer for novices and pros. The less than good: The directions are not as clear as they should be. Needed you tube videos. Extruded clamp is plastic and broke in under an hour. Creality was responsive and willingly replaced the clamp but took over a week to get a replacement plastic clamp. Overall very happy. Also learning a lot of new programs since I got my printer. It came super fast after ordering and it runs really smooth.

Been working on tons of projects and finally get to make them a reality. Thank you. I love the customizability of it as well as the cheapness of replacement parts even though I have not had to replace anything yet.

Love it so far! I’m new at this game but I love designing and visualizing parts and components! Despite this i succeed to go direct Drive with all the original parts.

I often print faster and better then professionnal Who did tutorial on YouTube, or even the predefine settings you can download to add to a slicer. All cause of you guys, thanks a lot. I discovered a true passion, a new world, a new dimension and far beyond the “z” axis One. The printer works fine and was able to print a few things with the sample filament with no problems. Been having a blast learning, really enjoy designing my own creations on freecad, or blender and then printing them.

The included picture is a print from thingiverse but I have made my own also and it is so rewarding to see something I spent time designing cone to be and work for my needs. Haven’t had any trouble with this printer at all, I’ve installed a glass bed, and a few other odds and ends and am looking forward to a few more upgrades. Should be coming with the metal extruder by now Wish it was at leat an add on option as well as the silent motherboard. Other than that this thing awesome, it is a work horse for sure and can do almost anything.

Great entry level print. If you upgrade it to auto bed leveling it help out a lot. Great price and I would recommend this to anyone that wants to get Into the hobby. I absolutely love this ender 3 pro! One of the few hobbies I get to make my own improvements! Excellent machine for its price. However, do not expect a straight out of the box system. Some patience and tweaking is necessary. But once you get it figured out it is a great piece of machinery. There is tons of stuff to help you on google, FB, YouTube, I bought this gift for my son for Christmas He has made numerous gifts.

Definitely recommend this product!!! First 3d printer. For the price it’s great! However, the middle of the bed is sagging and it effects the print.

This thing has been a work horse out of the box! Leveled the bed and took the time to really square it all up and this thing has been printing flawlessly for the last 10 days none stop all day and night print after print!

Should have purchased along time ago! I super excited about having my first 3D printer! My experience has been great! As a first time 3D printer owner I made some good prints and a couple failed ones. The digital sundial printed the layers a bit too thin and with too many supports.

Overall it is a great printer with great quality. Some stringing, but I cut them off which is pretty easy and one method to achieve clean results. I made a blue octopus first and it came out great! I made it as a gift. What I printed were gifts for my family for Chanukah. My family is enjoying the projects on my new 3D printer.

Thank you! Very good 3D printer. Just had a difficult time leveling the bed but over all a great printer. I’m new to 3D printing.

I chose this one Ender 3 Pro because of positive reviews and because I heard it has an active community. While it required some work to get set up, it wasn’t too hard to do. I’ve built many custom computers and I can say that if you feel comfortable building a computer, you will be comfortable putting this together. If that’s why the cost is relatively inexpensive compared to other printers with this one’s capabilities, then it’s well worth it. Also, if something ever goes wrong, you’ll have that familiarity to help you address the issue.

As for printing, I’ve done about 3 or 4 small prints that took about 5 hours each. Aside from one which I messed up because I didn’t have the bed leveled perfectly enough they all turned out pretty great.

I’m still relatively new to this, but I don’t have any regrets and I feel I made a good choice with the Ender 3 Pro. Easy to put together. But learning the curve is a challenge so ill keep playing around with it. Then I wanted something with a larger build surface so I bought the Ender 3 Pro.

I really like the magnetic bed; it makes it very easy to remove those “stuck on” prints. It’s also much easier to level using the large leveling wheels. The only thing I was a little disappointed by was the display, which is very low-res and pixellated compared to the MPSM. I’ve completed some projects but still have some learning to do to get better quality projects.

Unit went together with no problems. Printer was exceptionally packed well. I was able to print a test piece with no difficulty after assembly. I like the unit and will be using it alot. Excelente impresora, las impresiones son de muy buena calidad. Super recomendada. It came in a very secured package, it was fairly easy to put it all together since the majority of it was already put together and with this new design, it makes it really easy even to travel with it.

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