Lenford E. Smalling

Sunrise: December 13, 1937 – Sunset: September 22, 2021

Transitioned leaving Wife, Children and Grand-Children Brothers, Sister, Nieces, Nephews, Other Relatives and Friends.

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Funeral Operator:
Roman’s Funeral Home

Laying In State:
Galilee Gospel Hall. 2A Dunoon Road, Kingston2.
October 14, 2021. 9AM- 10:30AM

Funeral Service:
October 14, 2021. 2 PM

Family Plot, Potsdam, St. Elizabeth
(will also be on zoom)

Laying in State
Service/ Interment

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Dr. Rupert A. Francis, Captain Dr. Rupert A. Francis, Captain
Dr. Rupert A Francis, Snr, Captain Friends, I am making this entry on behalf of my young friend and Brother from another Mother: Don Smalling. The truth is I have not known him and your Family Members for a long time, yet over that time I have come know more about him and respect him for his directness, intelligence and guidance in many matters, to include family & business. I have also found out that you light up a room (Jovial) wherever you are and you are not afraid to speak your mind. I have also come to realize you love your children, your immediate and extended Family and most importantly you love the Lord! I have said all that to say this, you must have learned this from somebody over the years; therefore when I hear you speak about your Father. I know it is him and therefore I join you in saluting him in death, tho he still lives in you. I made that point for two reasons 1: I did not have a Father such as this.2. As a result I have made my lifelong commitment to devote my time to a Father to all my children especially my boys and men in general; to help, all men, but especially Jamaican Men to take the lead in their households as God intended. So that we can set an example for the whole Human Race. Lastly, Lay down and take your Rest Mr. Smalling , your work on earth is done; now you can live vicariously through children like Don. Therefore, until we all meet again: May God Hold you in the Palm of his Great Big hands: Amen!!! Doc
Al Al
For you my father, I thank the lord I remember the day I was adopted into the family, the only JC boy growing up amongst your Smalling boys, never one day I felt like I was less than a Smalling, for I had to stand in the Ranks and listen to the teaching of the word of God until you fall asleep. You always reminded me that I was never to forget God in my journey as a Scientist and that I will never forget. I am proud to be your son, to know you was a honour and I will carry with me the knowledge you pass on to us. Sleep well, job well done I am sure your are in the right place. Love you always my father.
Lorian Scott Lorian Scott
I would like to express my sincere condolences to the Smallings family. Mr. Smalling was loved by everyone he is always jovial and had such a pleasant spirit. May his soul Rest In Peace. 💕
Simone Chuck-Todd Simone Chuck-Todd
On behalf of the Todds, I would like to express our sincere condolences to the Smallings. Mr. Smalling was always jovial and had such a pleasant spirit…I will certainly miss seeing him with his long breed. May his soul Rest In Peace.
Anice Anderson Anice Anderson
Please accept my sincere condolences to your family .SIP Brother Smalling.
Telly Elliott Telly Elliott
I pray God's continual blessings upon the family and that you'll receive divine strength, comfort and consolation during this time of bereavement.
J oan J oan
Lenford, as a first child, you developed an attitude of protector for all your siblings and being the loving, caring person you were you protected us in many different ways. This attitude was carried into your family life where all could depend on you for protection. You taught many things using a bad experience as a teaching ground. You were pleasant and strong and one could always expect a joke from you to make a moment pleasant. We will remember you for this and many more things ( how could I forget how you rode those strong horses at late teen up to about age 20.) That's why lots will be remembered which are not written here. You trusted in God ....we had lively discussions. Francine remembers "I'd be jiggered" 'Craig remembered 'you were 'chill' We fondly remember you.
Dawswell Family Dawswell Family
On behalf of my family, you were sincerely a father that was exceptional, one who could always be count on, it was just few days ago we were talking outside but then never knew few days after you would be ill. We pray you all the strenght you need to go on and may God be your guide on this path of life and keep remembering the days you remembered smiling and laughing together as that will always get you by. Be safe, be bless amd keep courage my other family. Love always!!
Nadine Parchment - Weise Nadine Parchment - Weise
Accept my deepest condolences cuz. Praying the LORD's grace and comfort for you all. Nadine, Alyssa & Canaan
Julie Julie
Cant believe im writing this but there comes a time in life when we all have to face reality and accept even the unbearable truth. There are so many good things to say about daddy and there is just not enough time to say them. So i will summarize it all and say that daddy was always a tower of strength to those around him and in all my life i have never met a person as kind as daddy and his family. Thank you daddy for the many laughter and kind gestures you gave me and my family over the years. The history lessons about Manley and dem other "poppy cocks" who you use to tell us about and religious education not even the philosophers or theologians could impart so clearly. I wont hear "I'll be jiggered" anymore and all those other things you would say that would make me smile and even burst into laughter but I'll be fine soon because i know for sure you are in a better place right now, enjoying what we all hope to enjoy one day. Love you daddy you are one peron we all would hope to have with us for as long as we live but then reality steps in and says otherwise. Until we meet again daddy gwaan chill wid mommy deh and buss big laugh. You will always be in my heart.
Vivienne Kentish Vivienne Kentish
On behalf of the Kentish family, please accept our condolences. We pray your strength and comfort in this time of grief. Mr Smalling may your soul rest in peace., I remember you as a very encouraging and jovial person.
Robert Campbell Robert Campbell
Mr. Lenford Smalling was to me a very affable and sociable person. He always greeted me we with warmness and genuine interest. Because of his moustache grooming he looked somewhat like the wise man of old, Confucius. So that was my personal name for him when we would meet. I would say, Confucius, or Wise One, and he would set the accolade aside with the grace and humility of one truly wise. I am in debit of his friendship, even though it was I who moved away. Rest well Mr. Smalling, and await the trumpet of your awakening, and may the good in which you walked be accounted unto you for righteousness before Jesus the Just... Amen.
Rose Thompson Rose Thompson
My condolence to Don and family. Praying your strength during this difficult time. I remember Mr Smalling as a pleasant and personable person. Someone who seems to have been a good conversationalist. May his soul Rest In Peace.
Colbert Edwards Colbert Edwards
Aunty Ruth, Dave, Don, and Duane, and the rest of the family, Please accept our sincere condolences during this time of grief! May God continue to strengthen and keep and comfort you during this difficult time as you continue to put your trust in Him! “Weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5. Love, Cole, Tanisha, Juanita, Matthew, Liya, and Lilyann
Uri Uri
Grandpa, I am thankful for me and you playing together. I really wanted more time with you, but God had other plans. Don't worry though, I know we will play and talk again in heaven. I love you grandpa.
Rambo Rambo
Brother Smalling! In your own unique way, you have taught and shown all of us what it truly means and is, to live and love in truth and in deed. You led a simple yet powerful life in that you gave us all you had, not because you had it to give, but rather because of who the Lord made you to be. A man with a big kind heart, who put the needs of others above his. A man who stopped at nothing to offer help to others. A man who loved in spite of and not because of. A man I not only admired, but have come to know and call my Dawdeh. I consider myself proud to be a part of your living legacy, and will forever thank God for you. Take a bow Dawdeh. You have done well!
Samantha Passley Samantha Passley
Mr. Smalling was a very good and helpful man. A great neighbour,Who was always doing things for other people. He will be missed. My condolences to the the family. He will be missed by everyone.
Lorenzo Lynch Lorenzo Lynch
Dave and Duane, you are in my prayers.... Keep strong! May his sould rest in peace, and perpetual light shine on him.....
Sydonie Jones Sydonie Jones
Rest well Daddy. Thank you for always making us feel welcome and loved. We will miss you.
Odette Odette
Sleep well daddy. May your soul find rest in the arms of an angel. You tarried here for a short while but your legacy will remain. You ran the race and now you must take your rest. You will be forever missed. Aunty dear please take comfort in the fact that he lived a happy life and by doing so he made others around him happy. He may be gone from sight be he will live on in us. Cuzzos you made him proud to be a father and his live for you was evident. Keep his legacy going he has passed the baton onto you now. Keep strong and remember him always in a happy way
Andre Borrows Andre Borrows
Take the time to give our sincere condolences to the Smalling family.. In this time I know alot of memories of him is in your thoughts please treasure them the best way you know how.. if it wasnt on the medium you guys know my tribute would be in song.. But be strong inspite of and keep pressing.. From: The Borrowes
Calvin Preacher Jackson Calvin Preacher Jackson
My condolences to the family. I will remember the reasoning we use to have on the road side. May God bless and strengthen the family at this time.
Gene Foster Gene Foster
Dear cousin, You have taken your flight, and there is no more night, your soul is now resting in perfect delight. To the family, please accept my heart felt condolences. "God bless."
Ricardo Skyers Ricardo Skyers
On behalf of the skyers family our sincere condolences to the family. My fund memory is driving one of the classic cars come to think of it was my first time behind a wheel but Mr. Smalling was a great teacher although it had no power steering and it felt more like truck. You will be missed.
Sophia Bailey Sophia Bailey
Mr Smalling was a good man he always make me laugh when he come over Tamara house I could ask him to anything for me he never turn you down he was a willing man love children. Anything I don't know I could always ask him and when he give you a answer the way he talks you have to laugh sadly miss may is soul rest in peace. I always past and shout mr smelling going to miss him very much
Christopher Brodber Christopher Brodber
On behalf of the Brodber family I offer my sincere condolences to Mrs Smalling and the entire Smalling family. May the Lord comfort you all in this time of sorrow.
Cindy Spence Sampson Cindy Spence Sampson
Condolences to the Smalling family, I pray that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth will strengthen you in this season
Tamara Tamara
Daddy!!! There are no words to say how we are feeling just now….You are truly missed…You were a beautiful soul, I never met another person like you. You were always pleasant and smiling, NO was never in your vocabulary. You will be greatly missed it’s so hard not seeing you in the morning or in the evening saying “hello kitten” 😔. Daddy you were more than a neighbour, thank you for treating me and my family just like we were a part of your family. My family and I send our condolences to your wife and family in this time of grieving. Rest In Peace Daddy 🙏🏼
Peta-Gay Roberts Peta-Gay Roberts
Heartfelt condolences to the Smalling's family. Mr. Smalling was the epitome of a gentleman. Very respectable. Always pleasant. He will be missed. SIP Lenford.
Maxine Sieunarine Maxine Sieunarine
My condolences to the family. May God give you strength in this sad time. Lots of love to the family..
Allan & Nicola Carter Allan & Nicola Carter
Sir Smalling you will be missed . SIP and i will celebrate your life.
Kwane Russell Kwane Russell
Kindly accept my sympathies. My prayers of comfort and strength are with the family.
Daniel Augustus Brooks Daniel Augustus Brooks
A servant of God is never lost. He is now to be found in the presence of his savior.
Ainsley Brown Ainsley Brown
He was a man who loves to teach. He always have a story to tell.
Terrence Barrett Terrence Barrett
Condolences again to my sister Ruth and her bereaved children, and grand children on the passing of a husband and father Mr. Lenford Smalling. Someone close has left your side, its hard to bear the thought, yet try to remember the good times, and the happiness they brought. Tell your sorrows and your pain to the Lord Jesus, He will be with you in sunshine or in the rain.❤🙏🏻⚘
Louis Green Louis Green
Please accept condolences from the Green and Finlayson Families. Lenford was not just a neighbour. He was like a brother. All forms of kindnesses he extended to us, especially to our mother and aunt, Bell and Lucy. Walk good . You are greatly missed. Your hearty laughs will always be remembered also your love for your God. R. I. P. Remembered by Winnie and family Leroy and family Louis and family.
Louis Green Louis Green
Please accept sincere condolences on the passing of Lenford. He was a very sincere and faithful friend. His passing Is a great loss to all. To the family please keep the faith. S. I. P. Lenford. It was good knowing you. You are with the Lord. 🙏🙏🙏
laura Smalling - Pennant laura Smalling - Pennant
My dear cousin, I am so happy I got to see you 2years ago. I remember your kindness and love shown to me those days when I was a student at UWI and needed a home away from home. Now The Lord has chosen to take you to your best home. One day we will meet again.
Lorado Lorado
When we lose someone so close, it seems impossible to let them go. God has other plans so we trust in His will as time will show. While you grieve know that in the darkest hour is when his love abounds to give you perfect peace. Be strong.
Mary Isaacs Mary Isaacs
Sorry to hear of your father's transition. Sending strength and prayers to you and your family in this difficult time. May he rest in peace.
Donna Mcgregor-Parchment Donna Mcgregor-Parchment
Requiescat in pace uncle
Donna McGregor-Parchment Donna McGregor-Parchment
May your soul requiescat in pace.
Marcia Palmer Marcia Palmer
Mr Smalling was such a respectable person He was a person who never pass you without greeting you He was friendly and pleasant. May he RIP
keith and Rose Ellis keith and Rose Ellis
One of the reasons we enjoyed going by Don's house was the opportunity to meet with and talk with Mr. Smalling. His counsel, information and friendly humor will be surely missed. Walk good my brother and friend.
Hope McNish Hope McNish
My condolences to Don and the rest of the Smalling family. I did not know Mr. Smalling Snr. but I can see the positive ideals that he instilled in Don who is a true professional and family man.
Beverley Porter Goddaughter Beverley Porter Goddaughter
Thank you for being apart of my life. You were an amazing person, you were always in my heart even tho it's been awhile since I've seen you. I wish I did get the chance to see you once again before u depart from this world💔 but I know your in a better place and u will remain in my heart forever.. Love you always and to the Grieving family I know u will get through this n I know you all have shown him the love that he deserve My Brother's & My Mother love you all❤... (GODDAUGHTER PEACHES)
Kristal M Kristal M
Mr. Smalling was like a father figure to me throughout the years. I've known him most of life, grew with him and his lovely family whom I adopted as my own. I always find his signature expressions very amusing such as 'to poppycock' and 'I be jiggad' :-). He always had some words of wisdom to share and for that I was grateful. Walk good Mr. S...until next time. Say hi to daddy for me 😊
Odette Odette
You were such a jovial soul. Never a dull moment with you around. Every second with you was appreciated. In life I love you and in death you will always be in my heart and memory
Daddy, we thank you for everything that you have done for your family. You were always a stickler for discipline and though life had it's challenges, you never gave up or gave in and played your part as an exceptional and unique father to the end. Thank you Daddy.

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