Myrtle Monica Forrester Brodber

Sunrise: Dec. 14, 1944 – Sunset: Nov. 24, 2022

Transitioned leaving Children: Sherrille, Robert, Christopher, Camille, and Yolanda.
Grandchildren: Felecia, Anna-kaye, Ashley, Leigh-Ann, Kinberley, Stephan, Stephanie, Dominic, Hannah and Joseph.
Brothers, Nieces, Nephews, Other Relatives and Friends.

General Info

Funeral Operator:
Lee Mason

Funeral Service:
Covenant City Church- 72 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10.
Friday December 16, 2022 at 11:00 am.

Dovecot Memorial Park

Funeral Service

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27 entries.
Chuck Baker Chuck Baker
You welcomed me as one of your own, and always treated me with clear love and respect. You were an amazing woman. Rest in eternal peace.
Wayne (Batfink) Johns Wayne (Batfink) Johns
I really am at a loss for words . I loved you as a mother in fact you were my mother and nurse at college and your children became my siblings . You're the epitome of motherhood. You're a beautiful lady physically and spiritually . On behalf of my mom and I want you to know we are extremely saddened at your passing and words are just not enough to express all the emotions that we are going through. It is said that death ends a life not the relationship. You'll always be with us in spirit and your memories will help us all through. I know we never lose the people we love , even to death. They continue to participate in every act , thoughts and decisions we make .Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. My condolences to the family. Love you and I'll see you on the other side and this knowledge is comforting to me.
Donna Brodber Donna Brodber
It is heartbreaking to say Goodbye to someone whose ever present smile, gentle words and caring heart was an anchor in my life in the 17 years I was her daughter-in law. I have so many good memories with her, but the most endearing was how fiercely she loved her children. Always one ready to give advice or get involved in their lives, to fix what she felt was going wrong...whether or not it was welcomed🙂 At the end of the day though, all she did and was came from a place of love. So I celebrate your life Ms. Myrks, as you rest in the arms of angels. May God provide the entire family with His strength through this period, but especially to Sher, Robez, Chris, Camz & Kanchie. Love you all forever!
Andrea Fagan Andrea Fagan
Nurse, you brought such joy, laughter, love and most of all care. The time we spent together was short lived, however, it was impactful. I can’t believe you are no longer here, you promised a game of pachisi against Christopher, to show him you are the undisputed champion, without question. I am sorry we haven’t gotten the chance to spend more time together and to show Chris, we are indeed the undisputed champions. I’ll carry on here until we meet again. Gone, but not forgotten. You are loved from one corner of the earth to the next, and back again. Forever, be missed Mama Brodber, Nurse Brodber, Myrtle Brodber. Stay safe in Daddy Jesus arms until we meet again.
Mico 151st Batch Mico 151st Batch
The 151st batch of the Mico would like to extend its condolence to Robert (our batchmate) and the rest of the Brodber family on the passing of our own Nurse Brodber - a lady who took care of us not as a nurse would but as a mother would. May light perpetual shine upon you Nurse Brodber. Rest in peace.
Stacey -Ann Brown Stacey -Ann Brown
Mrs. Brodber was such a gracious human being. He was in my care for a short while some years ago and I never will forget her wonderful sense of humour, sharp wit and warmth. She was so inviting, displaying a sincere love for her family. My deepest condolences to Pastor Chris and the rest the dear family. 🌹
Jonathan Forrester Jonathan Forrester
Aunt Myrltle, One of my fondest memories as a child when living in Jamaica was visiting you when you lived near the University. I am grateful for the time we spent together when we visited in 2013 along with or conversations over the last few years. You have moved on from this mortal life but your legacy will continue to live on in our memories. Until we meet again.
Sophia Forrester Sophia Forrester
I have so many fond memories of you my dearest sister-in-law Myrtle. I have never forgotten how welcoming you were the first time we met and how we became fast friends, how I enjoyed our my visits with you when you were at Mico, and the times you dragged me with you to real estate open houses. Most of all l will forever cherish my memories of your good nature, and sweet kind spirit. You have competed your journey here among us, now you walk with the angels. Thank you for your goodness and love.
Cressida Richardson Cressida Richardson
My memory of Myrtle is so precious to me. When I first met her it seemed like I knew her all my life yet we knew very little about each other. She was a precious soul... one who is certainly going to be missed.
Heather Tamir Heather Tamir
Dear Aunt Myrtle, We are so sad to know that you are no longer with us. We have fond memories from our childhood of you bringing us Christmas presents and we fondly recall another time when you brought us a special gift. That was when Christopher was still a baby (at least we think it was Christopher) and you brought him over so we could babysit. We took turns holding him and playing with him and thankfully we returned him back to you safe and sound. We remember you as a fun and loving person and we will miss you. Thank you for the wonderful memories. Rest In Peace. With love, The Bent sisters— Maxine, Heather, Andrea and Gail
Jacqueline Brodber Jacqueline Brodber
RIP Nurse, as you were fondly called by so many. Continue to shine on and hug Steven for us all. We find peace knowing you are together again.
Sunita D. Clarke Sunita D. Clarke
Woooooooooooowww. Just, wow. Look at the life of a very blessed woman of God, that I Am so proud to call grandma. Miss Myrtle ‘Nurse’ Brodber. My Kalooki/Dominoes/Ludi/ Karaoke/Prayer/Fasting/Councilor partner. As long as Nurse is on your side YUH HAFFI WIN (Apply this across all borders - thank you very much!) and my memory is so glad to have been blessed to know her. My thoughts of Nurse are so well that I can feel her smiling from Heaven as I type. I have always been blessed to know strong, beautiful women of God and man!! Nurse is no exception. Miss Myrtle Brodber never ramp, she never shake. She had an unbreakable Spirit and an Unconquerable Soul that belongs to Jesus Christ and being around her was always a good time. I know she would want us to play some good tunes today, consume some light and good food, drop two Double 6 and give God endless praises for his life and ultimately that of hers. A lie? Man today is a great day, and even the day when her body is lowered to the ground, I pray our hearts continue to look up knowing that our heroine is smiling down and just like a good game of anything she puts her hands to, she helping us win at this crazy unforgivable race of a life. To Miss Myrtle Brodber 🍷 A profound Righteous spirit of God that had a phenomenal human experience who has humbly transitioned on and still lives in the heart of her children, children’s children, children’s children children and everyone else who has come in contact with her & the Brodber family. And I don’t know if you’ve met her children but MY GOODDDD, you know a woman is blessed when you See it, Hear it, feel it and can DECLARE IT in her children inuh! Talk the truth nuh maaaan. Yesss! God bless Miss GamGam Myrtle Nurse Brodber’s beautiful soul right here. She has touched my life in ways that are fantastically inexplainable and just like the secret place of the almighty, I’ll carry these memories dearly w me and campaign on your behalf all when me know you seated right beside the King. (HALLELUJAH ! - I want to buss a Jesus Slide and a Holy Spirit Bounce fi Nurse! Yes Man!) 💃🏼🕺🏼💃🏼 To the Late Great Mama Nurse Brodber, it was truly my pleasure knowing you. Even after the wheels fall off. ❤️🙏🏽✨ - You’re Adopted Granddaughter (Di Jamatic Won!) Yesss! She Same One 😁😘💛 🕊 To Nurse 🕊 In Jesus Name. 💜
Laverne Johnson Laverne Johnson
I got to know you as Kanchi's and Camille's mom, and you immediately accepted me with warmth, and a gentle, caring spirit - always sending messages and checking in on me and my family - something I grew to value and look foward to. A testimony of your huge and loving heart that will remain with me. Rest well and light the heavens with your beautiful smile Ms Brodber 💕
Kerry-Ann Sinclair Kerry-Ann Sinclair
Special is not a strong enough word to describe you. Your sweet smile will always be remembered. Rest up.
Andrew Forrester Andrew Forrester
Aunt Myrtle, I am so glad to have had the opportunity to spend time with you and your family in 2013. The love and memories that you shared with us will always remain in my heart. We love you and we miss you. May you continue watch over us with love and protection in the presence of the father.
Maurisa Findlay Maurisa Findlay
Dah’lin Dearest (Aunty Myrtle), Unforgettable and Inimitable- indeed, that’s who you are! Your legacy, like the ebbing tide shall remain. You who straddled the mounts and valleys, also cared for the sick and comforted the broken. You shared smiles of hope and your laughter filled voids. You cut like a sword too -your sharp wit, a thing of consequence. Always a fine lioness; proud, sublime, protective and fierce. We will always remember you. We will always celebrate you… Soar peacefully 🌸❤️🌸 A fine lioness; proud, sublime, protective and fierce . We will always remember you. We will always celebrate you Soar peacefully 🌺❤️🌺
Errol Haughton (The Mico) Errol Haughton (The Mico)
Nurse Brodber served us well at The Mico 1987-1990 when were students. Her service was well appreciated by the male population who lived on campus. She was kind and quite willing to attend to students who were in need of medical assistance even when she was not on duty. We express condolences to all her children especially the ones who lived on the Mico campus with us when she was nurse living on The Mico campus.Rest in Peace
Marsha Marsha
I knew you as Pastor Chris' mommy, our interactions though few were always warm. You had a warm, loving and welcoming spirit. Your legacy is evident and your life was well lived. May you continue to rest in peace until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ
Ryan Forrester Ryan Forrester
Aunt Myrtle, I was so happy to reconnect with you and our cousins on our visit to Jamaica in 2013. Dad and mom always spoke about you and loved you very much. I am inspired by the admirable legacy of service that you left behind. Till we meet again.
Christina Forrester Christina Forrester
Rest in love Aunt Myrtle. I wish I had my own memories of you to call my own. But I will rely on our families. They loved you dearly. We loved you dearly.
Eleanor DeCordova Eleanor DeCordova
Myrtle my beloved friend you were one in a million so sorry for the distance in our friendship but the treasured memories are ever in my heart. Rest in Eternal Peace and light Perpetual shine on you my friend/sister. Love you in life and in death I’ll treasure the precious memories we shared. Sadly missed by; Eleanor DeCordova
Eleanor Jadusingh Eleanor Jadusingh
My friend Myrtle you have given your best through the years, as a nurse, now it is time for you to rest. Until we see each other again your memory is in my heart.
George Forrester George Forrester
Myrtle, the last of my two sisters who I loved and cared for dearly. While I am not a man of many words, I am sure you were aware of my love and affection for you. My memories of you and your young family, will forever be with me, as you all were an extension our family, in which we share and created many happy occasions. The occasional gatherings at “Tredega Park” will never be forgotten, neither will be the many triumphs and tribulations that we all shared in this life. Rest In Peace until we meet again
Kanchi Kanchi
Mama, the first love of my life....I am not sure how to do this without you. I am grateful for so many things about so much...I am grateful for the times that we had together, for the jokes, the advice (sometimes unsolicited), the love, the games that we played, the errands on the road, the Sunday/Saturday dinner/lunch dates, the hugs, the kisses and, and and.... I could go on and on, but I won't. Mamacita, I have loved you every single day of my life and I will continue to love you until we meet again. May you rest in eternal peace, without pain. Love you, around the world and back again.
Serrena McDonald Serrena McDonald
RIP mama. You were so much to so many people and you will never be forgotten. I know you are with the Lord and am truly happy you are now in a better place. Sleep in peace and know that your family loves you dearly. Hugs from your Joshua xoxo
Christopher George Brodber Christopher George Brodber
I am because you are! Thank you, mom, for all the years of deep love and support. Your love has given me the strength to do what I do. Your support has given me the confidence to go where I have gone. Your influence lives on in your children and grandchildren. We will love you forever. I thank the Lord that your faith has given you the hope of eternal life and bliss in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ. And I thank God that you were the one chosen to be my Mama. So many persons have been blessed by your love and kindness, from Mico to Excelsior and beyond. You brought smiles to so many when they were down. You fed so many when they were hungry. You gave words of hope to so many that were feeling hopeless. You set a wonderful example of service for so many to follow. Yes, the "little old lady" has done big things indeed. We will continue to play Pacheese and Kalooki with you in mind and in honour of you. Thanks, Nurse! Thanks, Mom!
Ashley Brodber-Skeite Ashley Brodber-Skeite
You were warm, like a candle. Whenever I think of you I remember cinnamon and baked goods, cuddles and smiles. And gauze for some reason😁But your arms always felt like home and your heart like a fortress. You will be missed Granma and terribly so. I love you ever so much. May you rest now in Daddy’s arms. Sleep well until the LORD comes.

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