Winnifred Olicen McPherson-Clarke

Sunrise: Feb 21, 1947 – Sunset: Feb 22, 2023

Transitioned leaving Husband, 5 Children, 10 Grandchildren and 1 Great-Grandchild, 2 Brothers, Nieces, Nephews, Cousins, Other Relatives and Friends.

General Info

Funeral Operator:

Grave Digging:
– Saturday April 1, 2023, 8AM
– Oxford Cemetery,
Comfort Hall Manchester

Setup/ Wake:
– Friday April 7, 2023, 8PM
– Comfort Hall Manchester (her home)

Thanksgiving Service:
– Saturday April 8, 2023 at 12 Noon
– Emmaus Gospel Chapel Balaclava, St. Elizabeth

– Oxford Cemetery, Comfort Hall Manchester

Thanksgiving Service

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Deon Deon
Auntie Winnie God will bless your soul 🙏 you were a light in our family and in our hearts. I will always remember the last time I saw you and spoke to you in Florida. You made me feel loved. My mom your bestie loves you so much. Sorry I couldn't stay longer but if anyone else would understand is you .love you always ❤
Lisi Lisi
Ms Winnie 🥹. Old woman , mi could be u grandmother as she would have stated. Growing up as a child visiting cling ltd occasionally was something I always look forward to , but going there to play laugh and mess around ms Winnie was something I’d always look forward to. Being a young adult didn’t change a thing as ms Winnie was my person. My joke box, my laughing buddy and someone I always look up to. I remember the days of Christmas parties at cling ltd where persons would take their child/children for a fun filled day and guess who made the day extra special .. the one a only ms Winnie. Your words are always a fruit to my ears 👂, your I love you ❤️, your pinches, your warm smiles and welcoming heart . Your second to none my winny. Winny was jovial , loving , caring warm hearted there’s no adjective in this world that can describe that spectacular human being and character traits that ms Winnie possess. My darling , my sweetie pie , my world without end . I remember the last visit I made to cling ltd in the latter part of November just before I had my son , also the last time I saw ms Winnie. I remember hiding from her because I know the grabbings , the kisses and pinches are coming . She greeted me with the broadest smile and the arms wide open for that Hugh hug 🫂.. I’ll definitely miss you my love , cling ltd will never be the same , when I say never we’ll know what I’m talking about. Sleep on my forever love , sleep on and take your rest. You’ve gracefully, graciously, victorious done your job here on earth. Sleep on and take your rest my beloved Winnifred.. Lisi gyal loves you now and forevermore ❤️
Rosemarie Robinson Rosemarie Robinson
Mama Winnie I know your sweet and loving soul will be resting in the arms of your savior. You open your arms for my family and I when we needed one to lean on. So mama sleep in eternal peace .
Dempster Dempster
Winnie/mummy/putus... You will be surely missed. You were a mother to me, you were here for me and my family during our darkest moment and for that we stand firm and salute you my love. We will surely miss her beautiful smile and always giving heart and welcoming arms. Your passing has left me and my family heart broken in many pieces. You will ALWAYS be remember. Continue sleep in peace and know that Dempster love you. I promise to TRY and not cry anymore💜💜💜💜💜
Pearl Bromfield Pearl Bromfield
Phillip Ashman Phillip Ashman
Winnie as I affectionately called her was a loving and dear friend. She was a jovial, fun loving and caring person, always ready to offer a warm embrace and I was always ever so eager to accept. I cannot remember a time when I did not see her smiling or laughing, always jovial and fun to be around. I still cannot believe that she is no longer with us. Seems like just yesterday, I was taking her home from one of our choir practice in preparation for our 'Christmas Sorrel'. Winnie I miss you and I will always treasure the times I had with you and the memories we share. Your work on earth is done, you shone brightly like the sun, so take your peaceful rest, our loving God loves you best. Sleep in peace my friend until we meet again.
Paulette Kerr Paulette Kerr
I am happy to have known Winnifred Clark, prayer warrior, matriarch, singer, faithful woman of God. Her jovial spirit, her laughter, her humility endeared her to so many of us at Bethany. Yes she was a no nonsense person who spoke the truth in love , who was very protective of her family, and not afraid to share passionately about the Lord. And yes we could depend on her to lift your spirit with her jokes. And yes I loved her fashionable and sometimes edgy dressing. We thank God for her life and her varied and many contribution, and we are confident that she is with our Lord. Rest Sis Winni, you have fought a good fight and finished your course. I continue to support her family with prayers and love.
Marjorie Johnson Marjorie Johnson
Winnie I miss your pleasant smile and friendly chat. I Know we will not see you this side but we will meet again on that bright and glorious morning when the dead in Christ shall rise . A pleasant soul and a joyful spirit is gone from us but I will cherish the memories of this strong woman of God Rest well in the arms of your Lord and Savior.
Joy Nicholson Joy Nicholson
Winnie, I usually call her Clarkie was a faithfuI woman of God. I still look across the church expecting to see her in your favourite seat. I have to remind myself that I will never see her over there again. We will meet again one day.I will always rememberherlaughter , the jokes and the hugs. Even during Covid when I would put up my elbow to greet her, she would pull me to her and give me a big hug and whisper something in my ear and we would end up laughing. I will forever cherish those memories. Sleep in peace my sister until we meet again.
Vinus Alscott Vinus Alscott
Christopher Holloway once said, "The life of one we love is never lost. Its influence goes on through all the lives it ever touched." Sis, aka Bestie, your love for others as sure touched so many, including mine. Thanks for encouraging me during the most pivotal time of my life. Being a single mom trying to stay on the right path as a Christian was not easy. However, you checked in every opportunity you could. You had the heart that cared completely, the smile that brought so much pleasure and had the love that brought joy beyond measure. So thank you for being a true friend. I can't wait to see you again in Glory. Belowing that voice of yours in songs of praise for all to hear. See ya soon Bestie. Love always. VA
Lawrence Nicholson Lawrence Nicholson
We are missing you - your smile, your singing at Sunday services & Prayer Meetings. You were special, and your infectious smile and laughter will be remembered. I am missing the friendly banter and special hugs, but I will treasure the memories. We have lost, but heaven has gained. You walked well, you were a great ambassador for Christ, and your indelible footprint will remain as an example to those who are left behind. Enjoy your time of rest in Christ 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Hermon and Donneth Hermon and Donneth
Your passing is such a reminder to cherish the moments and not take each day for granted. We miss your smile, the squeeze on a Sunday morning and especially your teasing. Your lightheartedness was not frivolous, you were serious about your Faith and walk with God which is especially evidenced in yourchildren . Walk good our sister, until we meet again.
Bethany Women's Ministry Bethany Women's Ministry
Psalm 116 vs 15: Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants. Winnie's infectious laughter is one of the best-known traits of this Woman of God. An active participant in church life, her soprano voice was distinctive in choir presentations and she made prayer meeting a priority. At our Women’s meetings and retreats her joyful spirit helped to build the “vibe” and strengthen relationships. She had a practical, down-to earth application to her Christianity, which enabled her to relate to persons of all ages. Faithful, open and friendly are words that her fellow sisters use to describe her. We will miss you Winnie, but we mourn not as those who have no hope for, we know we will see you again! Our prayers are continuous for Lionel, the children, and grandchildren. May her soul rest in peace.
Dionne Levy Dionne Levy
Sister Winny, a wonderful woman of God, your personality and smile lit every room you entered in... I remembered the first time I heard you sang and how you held the final note🎵🎶 I stood because a standing ovation was in order. Thanks you 😘 I'm going to miss you terribly your beautiful smile, jestering, jokes and prayerful words... I thank God for giving me the opportunity to extend the healing when you needed it... thank God that He has allowed me to see you in the Spirit before you were called to yonder shores...🙏🏽 Rest well beloved ❤️ Paul, misses you 😢 it's not the same...but we press on..
Grace francis Grace francis
Aunty winnie. Sigh!!! duty gebo that's the greetings I would get everythime you came to were one ina million Aunty ..everything you came to visit us olive one of my sis and I be fussing about you because you would walk in her house an come to my house then olive would say ooohhh niece more than niece would laugh an reply yes niece more than niece ..I would say yes aunty more than sister an you would reach in my bed an there the laughing many memories to cherish always be fun to be around you I love you aunty ...u never leave without saying ..mi love enuh mi niece.. masta enuh nah easy ...and you will be still laughing ..alright teck care.. karen will drive off ..the angels in heaving are rejoicing memories lives on .
On behalf of my family I could not allow this opertunity to pass to add a few word in honor of a sister who was always the life of any party. The energy, broad smile , the comedy for all occasions even one as this. And so to Lionel and the kids, God bless and we will always remember Winnie in our 💕.
Kerry Ann Brooks Kerry Ann Brooks
Mrs Winnie you are surely Missed, My pet name for you was uncle Winnie, we'll get good laugh from calling that name. Everyday I'll be looking for you to be coming to work, but you are not here with us with your presence, even tho my daughter have like her company from a child till now, my daughter also have a pet name for her, her name was win-win, The Lord knows best he's knows you need your rest so he as call you home. My heart is hurting so much for you uncle Winnie. Take sleep 😴😴😴.
Gabriel Alvarenga Gabriel Alvarenga
Ninny or Aunty as my sister and I called her since we weren't allowed to call her grandma because she wasn't old. I don't even remember how Ariel and I decided to call you Aunty,but we were the only ones who did.One of my most cherished memories of us is when I would help you cook and share Sunday dinners for the family;T'Ka would always say I was the only one you allowed in your kitchen . I was so excited that my wedding would have been the first one of your grandchildren that you would have been able to attend and that I would have finally been able to cook for you like we had always talked about.You brought a sprite of joy and laughter even when you where angry I still found it funny. I pray that your joyful spirit will guide your children and grandchildren.I am proud to call you my grandmother and I happy for all the fond memories and moments we were able to share.
Kayana Hylton-Smith Kayana Hylton-Smith
Winnie aka young girl was my big woman friend always smiling and singing. Our time together was mostly at church especially choir practice where you would leave a seat for me. If I dare not sit beside you I would hear you in my neck back” red gal you don’t see I leave seat for you “and I would reply “ I tired to tell you I don’t love women but if I did you too old and fat”’ and then comes your laughter. I sometimes look where you normally sit in church and wonder if you are really gone. For some songs I can still hear you singing, prayer meeting was the best you love the old time songs. These are memories that will last me for a life time .Winnie although you are gone we find comfort knowing you are with your Lord and savior. Rest well my friend until we meet again❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Victoria salmon Victoria salmon
Mother nini mummy.i really don't have words to express how am feeling right now.thank you for your love your prayers .just for bee a part of my life.i thank God you were chosen to give birth to me I could not have ask for a more loving and caring mom you left us with a legacy of love mummy mummy you will always be missed sleep on nine sleep on love you forever you children and grandchildren will remember you forever...
Ariel Alvarenga Ariel Alvarenga
My grandmother was a young girl, so much so that I was not allowed to call her grandma or anything that would indicate that she was old. My sisters and all the other grandchildren born around that time called her Aunty or Nini. She loved to laugh, her laughter was never subtle, it was one of those laughs where she would hit you if you were beside her. If you have ever been beside her while she was laughing you know you would be falling over. Her laugh was contagious and filled with spirit and joy. She loved and cared with all her heart, always giving from the little she had. Her outlook on life always had God at the center of it all. I wish you lived to see all the amazing and wonderful things that I know the future has in store for me. I know that in every life choice or decision I make you would have been so proud and that you would brag about your granddaughter and all her accomplishments. I will keep and treasure our last conversation close to my heart, and cherish that memory forever. I pray that I can one day embody your spirit of finding joy in all life has to offer. I love you always.
Paulette mcDonald Paulette mcDonald
Miss Winnie you were a great person while working with you I admire you a lot you are always being a juvenile person even when things are not going your way you never had a dull moment you were always there to cheer up somebody when they are in their time of trouble or having a little problem. Even when I stopped working with you and I come along the factory you're always being a laughter is a laughing person and you know we always run our little jokes and things like that and you always would say to me mi pickney gal a weh you bring fi mi today and then you laugh, I can remember long time ago when Ms lanng used to give like children Christmas party and I take my son there when him here your name Winnie I remember him saying Mommy Winnie Pooh Winnie Pooh and when I intern repeat it to you you just laugh and hug him from then we would call you Winnie Pooh,I will always remember you as a mother,a friend a prayer mother and so many other good quality' are sadly miss by my husband, myself and Oshane sleep on and take your rest. To the children and grandchildren be strong.
Eileen Wapp Eileen Wapp
Winnie, my sister, my best friend, mi gal. Why did you have to go? You were so genuine, loving, kind not to mention fiesty but most importantly you were a woman of God. You were never afraid to speak your mind and if it was too harsh you would never hesitate to apologize. My memories with you of all the times we spent together whether it was at church or at home dying your hair (cause yuh fraid a grey hair), cooking and sharing Sunday dinner or the many conversations we would have about every and anything I will miss them dearly. I remember Sunday afternoons were we'd play games with the family and not to mention the big pot of rice and peas that could share for the entire community. You were special to my family and I, you always said "unuh a fi mi, unuh a fi mi family". The bond we have is like no other, I really cant think of doing this life without you. I remember the last time we spoke before hanging up I said "I love you Winnie", and you said " I love you more my baby" I'm grateful to have met you, and have known you. Rest in prefect peace my love until we meet again. -❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lysandra Wapp Lysandra Wapp
Aunty Winnie then Nini then the grandmother I never knew I needed. The love you have for me is unmatched its so pure and genuine and have impacted my life in so many ways.You were an amazing human being giving so much of yourself even when you didnt see how it would have been possible. It's safe to say I have known you all my life and I have never regretted a day. You always encouraged me to be great, you prayed for me, you cuss mi out and a few minutes later I knew I'd be expecting a hug and you saying "I love you my baby, always" with a chuckle. You were always proud of me, I remember when I was to graduate university and I told you, you said " gweh yuh too show off" with a smile on your face and a laugh so loud I started to walk away then you walked me down telling me how proud you were and thanking God that he kept me through the years. For these memories I hold close to my heart. Becoming friends with T"Ka was one of the best decisions I've made in my life because I was able to gain an angel like you. Thank you for taking me in your family, thank you for the love you showed me, thank you for calling me "yuh grand-daughta" The pain still remains but I'm glad to know your resting with your Lord. This isnt goodbye but see you later we'll have lots of things to catch up on and many laughs to share. I love you, I'll forever miss you, you'll always be in my heart. -Yuh favorite grand-daughta Lyzrie ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Annette williams Annette williams
Winnie was one of the persons i admired most in life. She was so loving, caring, the most kindest person i know. We had a very special relationship. I remeber the days when i would collect her grandchildren from the pre school, so many time they were fast asleep so i carried them on my back to the factory, all because they're winnie grandchildren. Her loving kindness cares for me allowed me to pass on love, care to her grandchildrens, love you ms winnie #RIP
Carol Francis Carol Francis
Aunt twinnie there is no words to express my feelings to loose a dear aunt like you . But your life speaks for you so that gives me hope and courage to go on, there was never a dull moment with you many nights I would come in your room and you and I would lie in bed and we would talk any and everything then I would say me gone down and she would say galong you have d whole night fi talk to Karren and then she would start laughing and say gwan ya me little big niece and the Lord bless you me a go pray fi you and Shanna now I would say thank you and she would start laughing again and say co me little big niece, sleep on my aunty your memories live on
Franklyn Wapp Franklyn Wapp
Winni my friend my sister my mother why did you have to gone so soon. I can remember the wonderful times we shared at you home on Sunday evenings and sometime on holidays. You never tired of our family sharing the evening with your family playing dominoes and other games. Those everlasting meals you cooked and shared and if we don't eat it you will get vex. The beautiful times we shared at church and in various meeting we participate in as well as the choir, will be missed. Your contagious smile will always be remembered. Eileen, Lysandra and I love so much it is hard to say goodbye, we will just say meet you again on that great triumphant morning. I also would also like to say to the family - take courage and never give up hope of seeing their beloved again. May your soul rest in peace. Love you always. Franklyn
Mark Clarke Mark Clarke
Mommy words are just not enough to say how much I miss you I can say like the writer indeed it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday everyday I wish it was just a dream but the closer the date gets the more it becomes a reality that you are gone I wish that I could see you again, the pain that I'm feeling is so unbearable mummy I miss you so so much i cry not because I won't see you again but because you gone too soon I wish I could have alot more years with you I wish I never have to say goodbye I wish you would just wake up from this sleep but I won't question God he knows best , God look around his garden, and found an empty place, He then looked down on the earth and saw your tired face, He put his arms around you lifted you to rest God's garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best,He saw the road was getting rough and the hills were hard to climb, so he closed your weary eyelids and whispered peace be thine , It broke My heart to lose you but you didn't go alone for part of me went with you the day God call you home, continue to sleep in perfect peace mommy I love you but Jesus loves you best sleep on my mother until we meet again may your soul rest in peace mommy your wash belly love you always.
Karren Karren
Mother words can't express how much hurt I'm experiencing right now,but I'm not hurting as if I have no hope because I know your resting in the arms of the Saviour, when you were in the hospital it was a joy for mikey and I to journey up to uwi daily just to get a little squeeze and talk sing and pray with you even when your not responding,sometimes the competition with mikey and myself was stiff he get I squeeze I don't, but we both enjoy every moment,your last words to me the night before you went to hospital was,gwone go sleep me baby me good....I'm happy,the for the many time when I'm leaving you would say bless you my daughter God go with always support your children no matter what,Mikey my son dat eno,Mark best singer not eno,orel no body can't drive like my son eno,vicky best nurse dat eno..karren your black you mama miss you.. how could I forget no one In this world can cook rice and peas like my mama,nobody.when every she discipline anyone and finish oooooo would be at the end of her play with me Oo.lobe you mama,miss you,sleep in peace Mother...
Sharon Wright Sharon Wright
I have lost a mother and a good friend. Words cannot expressed my inner feelings towards losing such a beautiful soul. I will always remembered her kind words imparted. She was such a loving person and was always greeted by her beautiful smile. I remembered having dialogue with her prior to her death and she was just saying she is longing to see me and how tired she was. I am still in disbelief even though I know death is inevitable. She had touched so many lives with her deeds of kindness.. She had never ended a conversation without telling me how much she loved me. She will be surely missed in this life. I have such an assurance she is in heaven rejoicing with the angels above. I will always remembered her favourite expression “mi pickney gal. She was a woman of an impeccable character one who had loved the Lord.. Sleep in heavenly peace mom.
Kevin wint Kevin wint
I can't find words to explain the feelings I'm having since the God called her home, mummy as I always call her iwas my other mother she is always kind loving and never ceased to make me laugh. whenever I would take too long to call her visit she would always say "dutty bwoy you get rich and switch" and the laugh would come after. I thank you mummy for giving me my favorite cousin of all time Karren Campbell we will continue to cherish your memories. sleep on mum
Phil Phil
Although I never got the opportunity to meet in person her warmth and love could be felt through the video and voice chats had with T'Ka and I, and even in those smalls moments a great deal was learned from her. Her lessons and inspiration will always live on through those she loved and cared for. And even though the world has lost one of its brightest lights, we know God has welcomed one of his strongest children. May you find the peace and rest you truly deserve in Gods light.
T'Ka T'Ka
My grandma's last words to me via voicenote was, 'I love you a 100,000%', And as usual, she started laughing because she knew how happy it would make me to hear that. Even though I'm fortunate to hear it over and over again, the joy i once felt is now replaced by sadness and emptiness. We've always talked about this day coming for either of us and I'd share that I'd prefer it be me, she would always disapprove and remind me that i need to live for the Lord before that happens. I'd go on to tell her that I can't live without her and how i fear the outcome of losing her, she'd burst into laughter and say, 'you naav no sense enu pickney but when the Lord ready fi mi, him ready and me know unu ago bawl but me ago laugh after how ugly unu look when unu a bawl'. It's been over a month+ that I've been living out one of my many fears,( I bet she's having a laugh of a lifetime). Unlike before (where this fear would consume me), I find comfort in the life my grandma lived and her love for the one and true God. I've been fortunate enough to share 24 of the 28 years of my life with her and I have memories and her prayers to serve me a lifetime of comfort and strength. I will carry on her legacy of joy and laughter, no one truly dies as long as they are remembered. My advice to whosoever is reading this, Hug your love ones, apologize before it's too late, remember the consequences of your actions affect everyone around you and don't forget to commit your life to God.
Ingrid Campbell Ingrid Campbell
You did not give birth to me but treated me like you did, There was a time in my life when I needed a mother( mine had migrated) and you filled that gap. You never see me or call me without saying “mi pickney how yuh do?, yuh dash mi weh!, yuh rich and switch” and I would respond and seh ..” mi rich but mi nah switch” my response would make you double over with laughter, even when Karren and I finished laughing you would still continue to laugh until tears running down your cheesk and you end up coughing. When you laugh you make others laugh not because they get the joke but because of your laughter. You were a kind and thoughtful person. You never hesitate to help where needed. You were my mother and my friend. You were so happy when I told you that I am going to get baptized. Before you went into the hospital you and I had a lengthy conversation. I did not know it was the last time we would have spoken. You never let me leave your presence or end a telephone call without telling me you love me. I am glad I told you that I received the Lord as my Saviour and that I was going to get baptized. I am sad that you will not be here physically to witness it. I will always remember your words to me, when I told you… “ mi pickney, mi happy suh till, a di best decision yuh mek”. I am crying because I miss you but I know I will see you in the sweet bye and bye. You live a life of service to others and I am sure you are grinning from ear to ear now because you are with your Lord, you also get to see Elma and Angus. Tell them ”England”(as they affectionately called me) say howdy and I will definitely see them too in the sweet bye and bye. You have fulfilled the purpose the Lord have given you so He call you home to take your rest. Sleep on my dearest, sleep and take your rest, I love you but Jesus loves you best. Your memories will forever be in my heart.
Franklyn Wapp Franklyn Wapp
Love you my dear are such a sweet soul..iwill truely and dearly miss you..go on an take your rest in the sweet by and by..may your soul rest in piece you..Frankie

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